15 Thoughts On Singapore's New Tourism Campaign / by Tze Hern Yeo


It looks like it took 15 minutes to design this so here's 15 thoughts I have on it.

1. Red and white because we're afraid people will forget our flag colours.

2. But really we want to save cost on decorations for Chinese New Year, Christmas and National Day.

3. We loved SG50 so much we decided to keep the logo. Now hand over the $$$.

4. Also, CP did it better.

5. So that's how we're gonna spell Singapore from now on?

6. I guess we're back to spelling like we're on 2006 Myspace.


me: i'm from singapore

STB: i'M fRoM sInGaPore


8. A missed opportunity for a tie-up with PAssion card and the tagline: 'PAssion Made Possible'.

9. And are we really going to say ALL passions are possible? Please.

10. At least it's a step up from 'Your Singapore', which basically meant "whatever you want up to you la".

11. Fun fact: 'Lust, Caution, Passion Made Possible' was the original working title of Ang Lee's film.

12. Actually you don't need much space to make passion possible. 


13. The more I think about it, 'Passion Made Possible' sounds like a rejected Adidas ad.

14. But are tourists as passionate about our 40 degree heat and frequency of train break downs? That's the real question.

15. I have to admit, Singaporeans are pretty passionate when it comes to hating on things.