Here's Why Problem Solvers Succeed In Life / by Tze Hern Yeo

There's only two types of people in the world.

The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe.

Well, according to Britney that is. 

Here's the truth: we're all entertainers in some shape or form whether we realise it or not.

We entertain problems every day of our lives.

Every decision we make is a problem being solved.

We don't always have the luxury of making problems go away with the wave of a wand.

When something goes wrong, do you automatically give up or find ways to remedy the situation?

Your response makes all the difference.

Problem solvers don't shy away from "fighting fires" head on because they see it as an opportunity for growth.

They want to be constantly challenged. 

It's not enough for problem solvers to check off all the items on their list. 

They are prepared for the inevitable problems that arise in any type of work and welcome them with open arms. 

Problem solvers see this as an opportunity and not a hindrance to their job.

Being able to adapt to the situation and develop solutions is a sure fire method for personal growth.

Ultimately, what problem solvers aspire to achieve is a greater sense of purpose in the work they do.

And this comes with a willingness to take on any challenge that might present itself.

They want a deeper connection with others.

How many times have you ever considered the impact of your work beyond the immediate team you're in?

Chances are you don't do it enough.

Problem solvers view their work as a piece of the larger puzzle. 

And they don't just stop there. They find ways to help other pieces of the puzzle come together.

Doing this allows problem solvers to find ways to improve their process and raise overall efficiency in their work.

Problem solvers know that the nature of work today demands communication between different channels.

They cannot afford to work in silos if they want to produce the best results.

They want to level up.

What truly sets problem solvers apart from others is their dedication to a higher cause.

One that is not solely driven by personal gain.

Problem solvers intrinsically view the world as a game in which new skills are unlocked with every challenge they overcome.

It's not enough for problem solvers to gain recognition or promotion.

Instead, problem solvers find great meaning and purpose in improving the lives of others and not just their own.

Problem solvers confront life's daily challenges with a growth mindset.

Sure, problem solving is a valuable workplace skill. But there's more that can be applied to everyday life.

Problem solvers know full well that this simple act creates ripples of positive change.

And in the end, they are the ones who succeed.