Zombieland Taught Me Everything I Know About Goal Setting / by Tze Hern Yeo


I've lost count of the number of productivity articles out there that promise you the ultimate hack to achieve your goals. 

Essentially, it seems that the only way you can achieve any goal in 2017 is to:

Wake up every morning at 3am. Give yourself an ALS ice bucket challenge cold shower. Journal 300 words. List 5 original ideas. Read the news. Eat 2 hard boiled eggs. Drink a juice blend of kale and orange peel. Floss. Wear red. Power pose in front of an open window. Inhale the skin of 3 ripe avocados. Recite Confucian quotes in front of a mirror. Complete 2 HIIT circuits. Breathe.

And that's just the morning.

Working towards your goals shouldn't be this hard.

There's got to be an easier way because I'm not going to wake up at 3am unless there's a fire in the house.

You can probably tell that most advice on how to achieve your goals is far from the average human being's reach (aka you and me).

But there's hope!

I've had my fair share of setting goals, struggling with achieving goals and then struggling some more before finally accomplishing them.

When it comes to getting shit done, I often keep things old school.

I make lists and keep to them.

By lists I mean both physical and mental ones. You have an endless variety of note-taking apps at your disposal to keep track of your goals.

If you're nostalgic for print and the feel of paper then notebooks or mini journals are your best friend.

Use whatever works for you.

I prefer working with a physical list of items but also tend to keep the most important ones at the top of my mind.

So even while I'm doing other work my subconscious brain is working on making connections that feed into achieving those goals.

Now the next step is the most important if you want to hit all those items on your list.

Tell no one about your goals.

The moment you set your mind on a goal is when you should begin concentrating every ounce of effort towards achieving them.

Telling everyone about them isn't going to help.

When you announce your goals to the world it takes away from important time that could be spent laying the groundwork to get real work done.

You need to keep the momentum going.

Making your goals known to a close one might be useful in certain cases when you might need an accountability partner. 

However in most cases, your goals work best when you hold yourself accountable to them and no one else.

People who talk about their goals and ambitions are less likely to achieve them. 

This comes as no surprise.

Talking about our goals merely gives us the self-satisfaction of completing goals without having made any real progress.

Do the work and the goal completes itself.

Goal setting has never been about being the superhuman every other article expects you to be.

It always comes down to a simple truth.

Work hard in silence and let success be your noise.

We could all do with setting goals a little better and this favourite Zombieland quote of mine I paraphrased sums it up best: 

Time to nut up and shut up.