How I Learned To Time Travel / by Tze Hern Yeo

The other day I was trying to think back to the first time I met a close friend of mine and recall the conversation we had. Something my friend said struck a chord with me and gave me the kind of illuminating insight that stays with you. I desperately wanted to remember what that insight was.

So I time travelled. Right back to that very moment.

I pulled out my journal numbered '12' on the spine and flipped through the pages. I landed on the exact date and read my entry for that day.

I've made it a habit to keep a journal for more than four years now and it has given me the incredible superpower to travel back in time and revisit my past self. Every entry I made would be filled with fractured moments of what transpired in the day. I could easily relive specific emotions and experiences through them.

I hadn't thought about the first conversation I had with my friend until recently. Being able to remember the exact words that spoke to me made me realise how incredibly powerful a journal can be.

Self-improvement articles will tell you how to organise and format your daily entries for maximum productivity. I never took their advice. I wrote in a manner that I knew I would enjoy revisiting some time in the future. I told stories.

These stories varied from short paragraphs to even two or three full sides depending on how much was weighing on my mind. Writing everything down was not just therapeutic but a means to remember.

In this instance, I was trying to remember my friend's simple advice: To be yourself.

The chances of going through my journals again are few and far between. Yet, to open doors that let me reach out and grab my younger self by the hand is a gift I always treasure.