The Internet Can Smell Insincerity / by Tze Hern Yeo

Another local radio show is under fire for racist comments made on air. News of this first made the rounds on Facebook and the station later issued an apology that left much to be desired.

Other insensitive radio hosts have landed themselves in hot water before but what intrigues me isn’t the heated discussion on race that often follows. It is the fact that time and time again we keep getting half-hearted attempts at an apology.

This continues to baffle me.

It seems that many organizations still grapple with the concept of having an authentic online presence. Internet natives know a PR statement when they see one and the slightest stench of insincerity can be detected from miles away.

A sincere apology isn't just a means of putting out fires. It's a representation of what the company or brand stands for and should be treated with care.

If these guys needed any further convincing, just remember, the Internet never forgets.

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